If you have been anxious to try Manuka Honey creams to get rid of skin issues and leave your skin looking and feeling great, then we have got you covered here. We have researched several creams that help to resolve skin problems on the market. One of the products that came up during our research is the Honeybutter cream from Blossom.

The composition of this cream is quite rare and not offered by many other companies. In this post, we will consider how well this product fares, and if it is truly effective.

Why Use Manuka Honey? 

Honey has a long, storied history of healing. In ancient times, it was used to heal wounds. Today, it is commonly found in several hair, skin, and beauty products. Scientifically, this natural resource is good for your overall health: inside and outside. It has been found to contain natural peroxide. However, Manuka honey is an elevated type of honey and is better than regular honey. 

While regular honey is good, the Manuka honey found in the Honeybutter Cream from Blossom has additional properties. These fight off topical infection and other skin problems common to many people. 

The Manuka Honey found here forms a protective layer in the skin to prevent infection. It also soothes redness and swelling. 

Honeybutter Ingredients

This product contains several useful ingredients apart from Manuka Honey. 

Some of the other ingredients include:

  • Beewax

Beewax is similar to honey. It also serves to protect your skin. It repairs dry skin by trapping moisture and soothing any skin irritations. 

  • Sweet Almond Oil

This ingredient calms any redness and itching. It also provides protection from UV restores and nourishes the skin via fatty acids. Sweet almond oil also contains vitamin A to prevent acne. 

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. These serve to reduce inflammation and protect the skin. Coconut oil also hydrates the skin, improves skin elasticity and reduces itching. 

  • Tea Tree Oil

This oil reduces allergic reactions, relieves itching, and heals wounds.

These are just some of the ingredients found in this cream.

As you can see, they are organic and ensure your skin looks great without any side-effects. 



✅ Manuka Honey is the main ingredient

✅ Zero steroids, sulfates or parabens

✅ Organic, natural ingredients

✅ Zero side-effects

✅ One application per day

Safe for children

✅ It can be used all over the body

✅ No animal testing


Relatively expensive

Company Overview

At Blossom Essentials, the goal is to create relief from skin diseases. To this end, products are made under the strictest manufacturing conditions and are thoroughly vetted before being made available.

Blossom’s Honeybutter is made by a medically licensed chemist. This chemist specializes in creating natural, organic solutions to skin problems.

Availability and Features

  • Available in 4 oz. containers
  • Contains Manuka Honey
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Risk-free guarantee

How To Use Honeybutter

It is pretty easy to use. First, clean the area you wish to apply the cream on. Apply a thick layer to the part of the skin affected by eczema, redness, or inflammation. Move your fingers circularly until the skin absorbs the cream. 

It comes in a 4 0z jar; thus, it should last you for a relatively long period. 

Is Honeybutter Any Good?


There are several testimonies from many people that have used it. 

The product is excellent for clearing up skin issues. From eczema to allergic reactions and more, this product made with organic Manuka Honey is safe for all skin types and keeps bacteria out!

Honeybutter first soothes the inflamed area and then works down to repair the affected cells.

For most users, Honeybutter shows results in as little as 3 days after application.

It is great to use on the skin as it nourishes, heals, and soothes it. 

Where Can I Buy this Product?

Manuka Honey Organic provides links which you can use to get the best deals for all Blossom products. We make sure to select the best deals for you and get the best price on the market. All our vendors have been verified to make sure you get the authentic Manuka honey delivered right to your door.

Our Verdict

Honeybutter is an excellent choice if you are serious about improving your skin’s health and preventing bacteria from causing skin problems.

We highly recommend this product for folks looking for a natural cream that contains a high concentration of Manuka Honey. It comes at a relatively affordable price which is a bargain when you consider what you’ll gain by using it.